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FIGHT SCHOOL ( Working Title )

If life has knocked you down, it's time to fight back!

We are currently looking for people to take part in an exciting television project for BBC Two, fronted by Idris Elba, in which our successful candidate will take on intense boxing training.

You don't need to want to be a professional boxer. This is for anyone who feels their life could do with a change, but, they don't know how to make it happen.

Maybe, you're stuck in a dead-end job or sick of unemployment and being on benefits? You could be frustrated at the lack of opportunities out there for you? Have you lost confidence in yourself and don't know how to move forward in life? Have you made bad decisions, got mixed up in the wrong crowd or been in trouble with the police?

Mentored by the best in their fields, and under the watchful eye of Idris Elba, this is an opportunity like no other as they help make a positive change to your life both IN and OUT of the ring. Our professionals will immerse you in an intense training regime, overhauling your diet, fitness, strength and mentality as you train.

It's time to turn things around, get in the ring and prove yourself!




Are you a bride-to-be near the Big Apple? 


Do you have a gorgeous wedding gown in the closet taking up valuable space?

If the answer is YES to either of these questions - we would love to hear from you!

Workerbee is creating an exciting new series for one of the world's largest streaming platforms. Filmed in the heart of New York City in our exclusive boutique, brides-to-be will have a shopping experience like no other.

Whether you have your heart set on a specific dress which is no longer available in store, are a fan of sustainability or you are simply a savvy-shopper who can't resist a bargain, pre-loved wedding dresses are a growing phenomenon and could be just what you have been searching for.

You might have bought the dress of your dreams for your magical day and it saddens you to see it gather dust, or you may have purchased a gown before falling in love with a different one entirely! Whatever your story, it's time to let your dress shine again and give it a new lease of life.

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Workerbee is creating a brand-new car TV show where buyers can get help from our experts to find the ideal car for their cash.

Are you looking to buy a car?

Confused by all the choices that today's market presents?

Do you want to make sure that, from all the puzzling payment options and endless model choices, you can find the right car for you?

Whether you're looking for something sporty or rugged, or a car for your kids...whatever your requirements, we want to help!

Our high-profile experts will give you all the tips and tricks to ensure you're getting the perfect vehicle - suited to your needs, budget and which may even have some added extras thrown in!